About Volta 

Until now, to book a rental vehicle or transport experience the best option was to endlessly search the web or know someone at the point of destination. Volta is born with the purpose of giving you access to the biggest variety of rental and tour vehicles were-ever you are. While giving businesses access to qualified bookings and promotion tools. 

ridevolta.com is a platform where costumers can find the best ride at any given time, no matter if its on or off road, in or out the water or even up in in the skies. Volta is a place where rides and riders meet.

Overall Volta promotes a safe use of vehicles and their ecosystem, as its for all to ride and enjoy. For it Volta works according to the following: 

  • To book, we require your contact information and registration in our system. By logging in the user accepts the terms and conditions. 
  • Besides the Terms & Conditions our booking team will ensure the quality of your leads before confirming any service.  

At a time where search engines and modern platforms have taken over the online market Volta provides businesses with today’s modern interfaces, and data intelligence tools. We help professionals do their life’s work in today’s technology. Ass well as providing users with a search quality service and directory as well as a service and product shop. 

Our team is fully dedicated to the transport and mobility industry and have a technical background within today´s online business tools to put together Volta and help those businesses advance into a better online management. 

We would love to meet you too, for any questions: hellovolta@gmail.com


♥Volta Team